You have a great vision and want to make it a product, or you have a product and have not achieved what you envisioned, or you have a product and want to add new features to it; for all these scenarios, you can try Opportunity Canvas. This method is a great way to find out where you are and what opportunities you have for your product and customers.

Opportunity Canvas

“How Might We” design thinking methods is a very effective method to identify opportunities. However, we have found it is tough to come up with HMW opportunities if you don’t have enough…

Data table for entrrprise UX
Data table for enterprise User Experience design.

If you have worked on enterprise products, you must have noticed the use of lots of data tables. Therefore, I am writing this article to collect the most common use cases and discuss how elegantly we can handle them.

Let’s start with the most simple data table with basic functionalities such as showing data in a grid, with a way to expand the rows to see more details.

In the design, you will notice that I have intentionally removed showing numbers for pagination. When you show pages users won’t have any clue what is inside those pages, so it does…

When you are looking for a new position and presenting yourself and your work to a diverse group of audiences, how do you connect with them? How do you engage them throughout your portfolio presentation? What are the ah-ha moments they will remember while they are making their hiring decision? These are some of the fundamental questions you need to consider before designing your portfolio.

The best way to answer some of these questions is through storytelling. …

Good design starts with good planning
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A goal without a plan is just a wish”- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Planning is essential to ensure we are making progress. But, in design, it is rarely practiced in a way to make the design team successful. In most cases, the focus of planning goes into delivering the feature in agreed-upon delivery time by upper management, which usually results in inferior quality products with a burned-out team.

Next time you get a project. Take a pause and probe to understand it better. …

FOG research and design method.

FOG research and design method.
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Collaboration is critical for any product’s success, but ensuring we are making decisions based on facts is equally important. This is even more critical for startups, as mistakes could be expensive.

We all have our stories working with people full of opinions and guesses. Let me tell you a story from my past experience with a project. This was a pretty exciting project. The product manager, the engineering lead, and my team worked on concepts, validation, and getting all the design details for the team to start building the product. But, like in every story, there is a bad guy…

An image showing people working together.
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Alex Osborn, in 1950 claimed [5] that brainstorming should enhance creative performance by almost 50% compared to individuals working on their own. Researchers have contested his findings for the last six decades. They have found very little evidence for the idea that brainstorming produces more or better ideas than the same number of individuals would produce working independently. [1]

A meta-analytic review of over 800 teams indicated that individuals are more likely to generate a higher number of original ideas when they don’t interact with others. — Harvard Business Review

A lone thinker comes with a better idea

To come up with great ideas, one must first spend…

Image of a boy with colors in his hand.
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According to a 2016 CDC study, there are staggering 1 in 54 children in the US has been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). While significant efforts have been made in the area of visual, hearing, and mobility disabilities, much less attention is paid to designs to accommodate for ASD.

Before addressing designs for people with ASD, first, we must know a few things about ASD. ASD s not a disability, many famous personalities who many consider being in the spectrum had great success in life [4] such as

  • Albert Einstein
  • Bill Gates
  • Comedian Dan Aykroyd
  • Britain’s Got Talent singing…

With all of us working from home due to the pandemic, we are at a point where remote collaboration is just becoming a norm. The problem brings opportunity, so we must take this opportunity to make remote collaboration even more efficient using great online tools. In my previous post, I discussed using MURAL or Miro to create UX Blueprint to deliver your spec. In this article, I will explore how you can efficiently collaborate using UX Blueprint.

UX Blueprint on MURAL


In a traditional meeting room, we meet with others in-person and brainstorm to get a common consensus. At the same time, this is…

Title image: man celebrating

As a designer, artist, inventor, we love our design. After all, we have given our hearts and soul to the design. We have done everything we could to make it the best, and we want everyone to say they love it.

Now, let me tell you my story when I was in my undergrad Architecture program. I was in my third year of the program, and I was working on my final design project of designing for a residence. Like all other students, I was working day and night in getting all the designs done, do all the rendering of…

Designing better form

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know while designing a form to make it beautiful, scalable, and accessible.


Depending on real estate available on the page, type of tasks, and form factors, you will need to select a form pattern that works best for your user. Here are two patterns we will be discussing in detail.

Side-by-side pattern layout

Lalatendu Satpathy

Design Director @ SAP | Architect | Writer for UX Collective and The Startup

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